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Eric Drexler: A Future of Radical Abundance – Transforming the Material Basis of Civilization

Article featured image: Credit: Eric Drexler/Institute for Science, Engineering and Public Policy (http://www.isepp.org/).

The researcher, author and futurist Eric Drexler coined the concept of molecular nanotechnology 26 years ago. The future that he outlined in his book “Engines of creations” was then questioned by many. Now Drexler returns with a somewhat developing vision, where the concept of nanotechnology is replaced with APM (Atomically Precise Manufacturing). He clarify s that it is a technique in which products are produced atom by atom – not everything that contains nano details.

The combination of IT technicians cad / cam and 3d printers with biochemistry – molecules linked together without external force – results in, according to Eric Drexler, in a new industrial revolution. Drexler present this new industrial revolution in a new book called “Radical Abundance”. But for those of us who would like a summary of its content, you will find a 18-minute TEDx lecture below.