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Wired: What happens as we meld with ever more capable machines?

Earlier this year, scientists at the Imperial College London announced smart sensor technology that allows a robot arm to be controlled via signals from nerves in the spinal cord. We, humans, are interacting with robotics to an ever greater extent. Wired explores this robotic augmentation and asks what happens as we meld with ever more …

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The Future of Trucking When Machines Take the Wheel

Autonomous driving technology could make getting around safer, more efficient, and less expensive. Wired investigates what this will mean for the millions of people who drive for a living and asks if the technology is really ready for the road?  

WIRED: A Brief History of Our Robotic Future

Artificial intelligence and automation stand to upend nearly every aspect of modern life, from transportation to health care and even work. So how did we get here and where are we going?  

WIRED: Absurd Creatures | The Fennec Fox and Its Giant Ears Are Too Cute to Possibly Exist

The Fennec fox is the smallest, and arguably the cutest, fox on earth. Its enormous ears make it look like a cartoon character and help it hear prey and keep cool.  

WIRED: I Crashed NASA’s Astronaut Training

In light of the current open application for new astronauts, Brent Rose heads out to the Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas, to meet with real astronauts and try out real training facilities–let’s see if he has what it takes to make it to space.  

WIRED: 3D model of New Orleans based on Nokia Here LIDAR data

A fly through of the French Quarter in New Orleans based on LIDAR data collected by a Nokia Here car. Color information comes from the car’s cameras.  

WIRED: The Alvin Submarine | Updating the Deep-Diving Submarine at 50 Years Old

It’s the only deep-diving research submersible in the United States, and nearly 50 years after its first expedition it’s getting an upgrade. Take an exclusive tour of the Alvin submarine, and see how the updated vessel is continuing to push the boundaries of deep-water exploration. The technological upgrades on the U.S. Navy-owned Alvin submersible allow …

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Autodesk’s Carl Bass: The power of ‘infinite computing’

Carl Bass: President and CEO of Autodesk, a world leader in 3D design, engineering and entertainment software and services talks to Wired 2013 about Infinite computing, coupled with smaller companies now having an “unfailing belief in themselves and the ability to solve problems” means that we have a never-ending scalable resource WIRED 2013 is the …

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Rosalind Picard: Reading emotions by reading faces

Rosalind Picard: MIT Media Lab expert on how computers can read human emotions. When Rosalind Picard of MIT Media Lab set out to try and build computers to perceive information in the same way humans do, she had no idea she would end up creating tools that could measure and convey human emotion WIRED 2013 …

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Walter De Brouwer: We want a ‘Tricorder’ to replace the thermometer

Walter De Brouwer, inventor of the Scanadu Scout device, wants to put his medical ‘Tricorder’ into every American home, but says that it has to displace the thermometer. Walter de Brouwer: Founder of Scanadu, Brouwer is building a real-life Star Trek Tricorder device to give us control of our health. WIRED 2013 is the third …

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