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Tag: Wind Power

Why China has become the world leader in renewable energy

China is the now world’s largest emitter of greenhouse gasses, using fossil fuels to drive rapid industrialization. But it has also become the world leader in renewable energy. The Economist investigates how the country is now investing billions of dollars in green technology. China’s investments into green tech can be clearly illustrated by the facts …

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The Economist: How does a floating wind turbine stand up?

It is not just utility companies racing to respond to the rise of renewable energy. Oil and gas giant Statoil is building on four decades of offshore experience to erect its first floating wind farm.  

Nils Ferber: Micro Wind Turbine

The ‘micro wind turbine’ is a compact, lightweight, portable charging device, designed by student Nils Ferber, at the école cantonale d’art de lausanne (ECAL) in switzerland. the device which weighs less than one kilogram, operates day and night, and can be folded down to the size of a trekking pole.  

Bloomberg: The Tech That Could Fix One of Wind Power’s Biggest Problems

Ashlee Vance paid a recent visit to Iceland’s capital city of Reykjavik to see the next part of the green energy story. He found a start-up called Icewind that is building a new type of funky wind turbine designed to perform well in low-wind conditions but also to slow itself down in high-winds, preventing it …

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Statoil: Scotland is Building the World ‘s Largest Foating Wind Farm

The Guardian reports that Scotland will soon start to build the world ‘s largest floating wind farm 24 kilometers off the country’s east coast. It will be built by the Norwegian company Statoil. Sometime towards the end of next year the idea is to start the five wind turbines that will provide about 20,000 households …

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Real Engineering: Why Do Wind Turbines Have Three Blades?

Why do wind turbines have only three blades? Wouldn’t four be more effective? Turns out to be a question of diminishing returns. Four blades would be more effective, but the extra efficiency is very small. The extra cost of a fourth blade would not be worthwhile.  

Vortex Bladeless: Bladeless Wind Generator

A technological leap forward and a revolution in wind energy according to the company Vortex. A more efficient, cost-effective and environmental friendly way to produce energy.  

Stanford: Offshore wind farms could tame hurricanes

Computer simulations by Professor Mark Z. Jacobson have shown that offshore wind farms with thousands of wind turbines could have sapped the power of three real-life hurricanes, significantly decreasing their winds and accompanying storm surge, and possibly preventing billions of dollars in damages.  

Altaerosenergies: The Altaeros BAT High-altitude wind power

High-altitude wind power (HAWP) harness the power of winds high in the sky by use of tether and cable technology, via airborne windpower tubines. To possibly make use of the very powerfull jet streams that travels around the Earth. In this video, the company Altaeros Energies announce their demonstration of its BAT (Buoyant Airborne Turbine) …

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Saul Griffith: High-altitude wind energy from kites!

FILMED FEB 2009 • POSTED MAR 2009 • TED2009 In this brief talk, Saul Griffith unveils the invention his new company Makani Power has been working on: giant kite turbines that create surprising amounts of clean, renewable energy.

Siemens: Unlocking the Energy Challenge

Panel discussion on unlocking the energy challenge to confront climate challenge and global warming. Global climate change, a scarcity of resources and the accelerating energy demand from emerging markets such as China or India pose significant challenges to global and local energy supplies. The question as to how supplies can be secured for the future …

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