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Tag: Water Recycling

TED: 4 Ways We Can Avoid a Catastrophic Drought | David Sedlak

As the world’s climate patterns continue to shift unpredictably, places where drinking water was once abundant may soon find reservoirs dry and groundwater aquifers depleted. In this talk, civil and environmental engineer David Sedlak shares four practical solutions to the ongoing urban water crisis. His goal: to shift our water supply towards new, local sources …

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ESA: Space Station life support

Published on Apr 21, 2014 Nathalie Leys from ESA’s Micro-Ecological Life Support System Alternative team introduces life-support research. For exploring our Solar System, it would be ideal if we could take Earth’s ecosystem along with us to provide the environment we need to survive and feel comfortable in the harsh vacuum of space. Obviously, this …

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NASA Observes World Water Day – The ISS Example

Published on Mar 21, 2014 On March 22, NASA will observe World Water Day. While our home planet is about 71 percent water, only 3 percent of that is available as fresh water. And many people do not have access to safe and clean water sources. On a water planet like Earth, “following the water” …

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