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Tag: War

World Economic Forum: Davos 2016 – What If: Robots Go to War?

Remarkable advances in artificial intelligence may soon have implications for the future of warfare. What if autonomous weapon systems replace both soldiers and generals? Join an in-depth discussion that explores the possible, plausible and probable impacts of artificial intelligence on defence systems. This session was developed in partnership with TIME. Speakers: · Sir Roger Carr, …

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Nature: Attack by the lake: A prehistoric massacre

Archaeologists uncover the remains of a community brutally murdered, ten thousand years ago. The bones of men, women and children have emerged from the bed of an ancient lake, providing evidence of a violent massacre in prehistoric Kenya.  

Dr. Brian Spooner: Afghan Wars, Oriental Carpets, and Globilization

Dr. Brian Spooner, Curator, Near East Section of the Penn Museum and an anthropologist who specializes in Afghanistan and oriental rugs, offers an lecture on the history of Afghanistan in the view of wars and globalization.  

PW Singer: Military robots and the future of war

War by itself pose ethical dilemmas and using robots in war, even more so. However, robotics in war is a reality and will likely become an ever greater part in the future.  In this talk, TED presents PW singer who outlines the use of robots in war. Singer shows how the widespread use of robots in …

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