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University of Oxford: Good Germs; Bad Germs

Invisible to the naked eye, yet a constant presence, microbes (‘germs’) live in, on and around us. The researchers in this project collaborate with members of the public to explore and experiment on the microbial life in their kitchens (and in one instance – a cat) and starts to unpick what we really mean by …

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American Museum of Natural History: SciCafe Special Event | Zika: What You Need to Know

You’ve heard the warnings: Zika is coming. There are a slew of guidelines for pregnant women, but how should the rest of us prepare for the arrival of this virus? What can science tell us about the Aedes mosquito that spreads Zika? And what steps are being taken to halt mosquito-borne viruses? In this podcast, …

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Gresham College: Germs, Genes and Genesis: The History of Infectious Disease – Professor Steve Jones

We have an idea of where to place the cradle of civilization, but where is the cradle of disease? Where do infectious diseases come from? Some come from animals, but we gave some back (as cattle picked up TB from farmers). Leviticus discusses the problem of leprosy at some length and even develops an early …

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AMNH: Countdown to Zero | Defeating Disease in the 21st Century

What does it take to defeat infectious diseases in the 21st century? The American Museum of Natural History and The Carter Center invite you to explore the innovative collaborative approaches being developed around the world to combat disease. Join former President Jimmy Carter, who is joined by Dr. Jane Carlton, director of the Center for …

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Mayo Clinic: Measles Virus as a Cancer Fighter

A medical first — a woman with an incurable form of cancer has had all signs of living cancer cells eradicated from her body for at least 6 months. What’s more, it was accomplished in a single treatment. And the magic potion — was the measles virus. For more information or to schedule an appointment, …

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The New York Times: Ebola Virus Outbreak 2014 | Three Hopes for a Treatment

With thousands infected with the Ebola virus, millions of dollars are being pledged to develop treatment options. Three avenues that have potential but are a long way from being viable treatments.  

University of Waterloo: Ebola: Evolution, Epidemiology, Experimental Treatment

Josh Neufeld, Department of Biology hosts. Speakers (all from the University of Waterloo): Dr. Christine Dupont, Dept. of Biology; Dr. Shannon Majowicz, School of Public Health and Health Systems; Dr. Marc Aucoin, Chemical Engineering. The University of Waterloo is a public research university with a main campus located in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada.  

Wall Street Journal: Experimental Ebola Drug Cures Monkeys

In an important breakthrough in the fight against Ebola, scientists have used an experimental drug to completely cure 18 monkeys infected with the deadly virus. WSJ’s Gautam Naik reports. Photo: Getty Images.  

WHO responds to Ebola virus disease outbreak in West Africa

In March 2014, the Ministry of Health of Guinea notified the World Health Organization of an Ebola virus disease outbreak in the south-eastern part of the country. The virus rapidly spread to the capital, Conakry, as well as to neighbouring countries, such as Liberia. This is the first Ebola outbreak in West Africa. WHO, along …

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TED Ed: Cell vs. virus: A battle for health – Shannon Stiles

Published on Apr 17, 2014 All living things are made of cells. In the human body, these highly efficient units are protected by layer upon layer of defense against icky invaders like the cold virus. Shannon Stiles takes a journey into the cell, introducing the microscopic arsenal of weapons and warriors that play a role …

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Cambridge University: Killer T cell attacking cancer

In this video we see a killer T cell of the immune system attacking a cancer cell. Professor Gillian Griffiths: “Cells of the immune system protect the body against pathogens. If cells in our bodies are infected by viruses, or become cancerous, then killer cells of the immune system identify and destroy the affected cells. …

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SLAC Public Lecture: Chasing Super Bugs with Smarter Drug Design

Lecture Date: Thursday, December 1, 2011. When our grandparents were young, there was no such thing as an antibiotic. Diseases like tuberculosis were invariably fatal. In the twentieth century, the fortuitous discoveries of penicillin from a mold and streptomycin from soil made a revolution in medicine. Today, we have even more powerful antibiotics, but also …

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FORA TV: Shannon Bennett | The Secrets of Viruses & Bacteria, Evolution to Epidemic

You could almost say that Shannon Bennett’s career as a virologist found her after she became infected with parasites while on a volunteer stint in Liberia. Listen as she talks about her research into the evolution and adaptation of viruses.