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Tag: US Economy

Karl Gerth: From an environmental perspective | Do We Want China To Be More Like Us?

Is China’s rush to adopt American lifestyles good for the global economy? Can its embrace of consumerism possibly be sustained? At what cost? UC San Diego Professor of History Karl Gerth explores these questions, drawing on his book, “As China Goes, So Goes the World: How Chinese Consumers are Transforming Everything.” Gerth is presented by …

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Aspen Institute: Deep Dive | A Hopeful Vision for America’s Economic Future

As Americans make the transition from the Industrial Age to a networked economy, smart choices could shape an economy very different from the one today. It could be one full of new opportunities, in which many more Americans can participate and thrive. But how might a networked economy be so different? What are the key …

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Discussion: The state of the US economy

Professor and Nobel laureate Paul Krugman together with professor and Nobel laureate Joseph Stiglitz discuss the state of the United States economy, moderated by INET Executive Director Rob Johnson. Event Date: 2012-10-25. Held at Fashion Institute of Technology’s Haft Auditorium in New York City.