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Tag: University of Oxford

University of Oxford: Scientists show that dogs were domesticated twice

The question, ‘Where do domestic dogs come from?’, has vexed scholars for a very long time. Some argue that humans first domesticated wolves in Europe, while others claim this happened in Central Asia or China. A new paper, published in Science, suggests that all these claims may be right. Supported by funding from the European …

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University of Oxford: Lecture 2015 | Panel Discussion on Food

Panel discussion on food, and obesity. Chaired by Alice Thomson, Associate Editor of the Times. Featuring Susan Jebb, 2015 Oxford London Lecturer; Lord Krebs, Chair of the Science and Technology Committee at the House of Lords; Mr Joshua Hardie: Director of Group Corporate Responsibility at Tesco; and Lady Young, CEO of Diabetes UK  

Oxford University: Stephanie Dalley on the Hanging Garden of Babylon

Stephanie Dalley, author of The Mystery of the Hanging Garden of Babylon, discusses the interpretation of the garden and its place as a World Wonder.  

Sarah Harper: 21st Century — The Last Century of Youth

Hosted by the University of Oxford, this talk by professor Sarah Harper looks at the rapidly declining percentage of young people across the world as the population ageing moves across the globe. She asks what implications this will have for societies, their economies and political structures. Professor Harper will also consider the potential collision of …

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Paul Newman: Where are the Robots?

Professor Paul Newman discusses the present and future state of robotics: asking how the state of the discipline measures up to science fiction, and discussing how Robots can learn to navigate our world, with profound consequences for society. This is an annual lecture series hosted by the Vice-Chancellor of the University of Oxford. Exploring the …

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