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Tag: UCTV: Science at the theater

University of California: Science at the Theater | The Next Big Tech Idea

Researchers “pitch” their technologies, then audience members and a panel of judges will vote on which one most benefits society. The technology pitches are from five Berkeley Lab scientists. the contestants: Tracking and Hacking Personal DNA Damage – Sylvain Costes, Biophysicist; Making Better Batteries – Guoying Chen, Chemist; Dress Code for Martians – Alex Zettl, …

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University of California: Science at the Theater | Eight Big Ideas

Presenters include: Rebecca Abergel: A pill to treat people exposed to radioactive materials Sylvain Costes: Tracking and hacking personal DNA damage Andrew Westphal: Comet and interplanetary space dust Ronnen Levinson: Cool roofs through time and space Shashi Buluswar: Portable solar vaccine refrigerator Musahid Ahmed: Combustion science for cleaner fuels Katie Antypas: Energy-efficient supercomputing Ben Brown: …

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University of California: Science at the Theater | Seven Big Ideas

Seven Berkeley Lab scientists present BIG ideas. Learn about the game-changing concepts scientists work on every day. Hosted by the University of California and part of their ongoing series:”Science at the Theater”. Replacing a Barrel of Oil with Plants and Microbes – Blake Simmons Accelerating Science with (Very, Very) Big Data – Greg Bell Early …

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