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Tag: Transplantation

TED: This scientist makes ears out of apples | Andrew Pelling

Andrew Pelling is a biohacker, and nature is his hardware. His favorite materials are the simplest ones (and oftentimes he finds them in the garbage). Building on the cellulose structure that gives an apple its shape, he “grows” lifelike human ears, pioneering a process that might someday be used to repair body parts safely and …

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Reuters: Firefighter gets world’s most extensive face transplant

Doctors at NYU Langone Medical Center announce they have completed the world’s most complex and comprehensive face transplant to date.  

The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia: First Bilateral Hand Transplant in a Child: Zion’s Story

The world’s first bilateral hand transplant in a child has taken place at The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. The surgery took more than 12 hours. The team, led by L. Scott Levin, M.D., and Benjamin Chang, M.D., included 12 surgeons, 8 nurses, 4 anesthesiologists and others. Levin and Chang direct the Hand Transplantation Program at …

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Susan Lim: Transplant cells, not organs

TED presents pioneering surgeon Susan Lim who performed the first liver transplant in Asia. But a moral concern with transplants (where do donor livers come from …) led her to look further, and to ask: Could we be transplanting cells, not whole organs? At the INK Conference, she talks through her new research, discovering healing …

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