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Tag: The Planetary Society

The Planetary Society : The Cosmos Award – The Planetary Post with Robert Picardo

What is the Cosmos Award? The Planetary Society created this award, named after our co-founder Carl Sagan’s landmark television series, Cosmos, to honor the innovators who follow his example of presenting science in an accurate, yet entertaining and enthralling way. Past recipients of the Cosmos Award for Outstanding Public Presentation of Science include filmmaker James …

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The Planetary Society: Planetary Post – HUGE Space Telescope

This month, Robert Picardo (the doctor in Star Trek Voyager) and Bill Nye took a trip to the Goddard Space Flight Center to see the James Webb Space Telescope being built in the clean room. This is the 5th installment of The Planetary Post, our monthly newsletter from Robert Picardo featuring the most notable space …

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The Planetary Society: More to Explore: An Evening Celebrating Space with Bill Nye

For the Planetary Society’s 35th Anniversary, we held a big, space-themed, variety show in Pasadena, CA. Space celebs, SciFi stars, dancers, singers, and comedians came out to party and we unveiled the newest Symphony of Science song by MelodySheep!  

The Planetary Society: Why Create Space Art?

This is a panel discussion hosted by The Planetary Society on “Why Create Space Art?”. Held at Planetfest in 2012 on Aug the 4th. Featuring Jon Ramer, Don Davis, Rick Sternbach, Don Dixon, and Aldo Spadoni. Image credit: Don Dixon.  

The Planetary Society: Bill Nye’s Solar-Powered Space-Sailer Has Successfully Deployed

LightSail Deployment from TPS HQ While the deployment commands were being sent from CalPoly, our team here at TPS Headquarters was listening in to all the excitement! While deploying sails, the motor count goes from 0 to 134,200. The reading that 18,000 motor spins had occurred was the announcement we were waiting for! This is …

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The Planetary Society: LightSail – Flight by Light

The first of The Planetary Society’s two LightSail spacecraft will ride to space aboard an Atlas V rocket in May 2015. The mission is a shakedown cruise designed to test out the CubeSat’s critical systems. In 2016, the second LightSail spacecraft will piggyback into orbit aboard the first operational flight of SpaceX’s new Falcon Heavy …

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The Planetary Society: Shaping the Search for Life

The seven-mirror Giant Magellan Telescope is being built at the Las Campanas Observatory in Chile, on an 8,500-foot peak in the Andes Mountains. It is expected to be operational for initial science observations in 2020. After spending three months cooling, the GMT’s third mirror was removed from its rotating furnace on Dec. 6, 2013 and …

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