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Tag: The Economist

The Economist: Gene editing and the future of doping in sport

What if you could hack your DNA to run faster, jump higher or become stronger? The Economist investigates what has been smoldering as a theoretical possibility for the last decade – namely – the concept of gene doping. The advanced medical technology that could help athletes recover from injuries, but could also be used by …

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The Economist: Carving up the Middle East

This week in 1915, British diplomat Mark Sykes described for The Economist the battle underway in the Middle East. A few months later he carved up control of the region with his French counterpart Francois George Picot. The impact of the secret agreeement they reached is still being felt today.  

The Economist: How does a floating wind turbine stand up?

It is not just utility companies racing to respond to the rise of renewable energy. Oil and gas giant Statoil is building on four decades of offshore experience to erect its first floating wind farm.  

The Economist: Cars of the future: tech and apps will make you ride not drive

Ride-hailing apps such as Uber, Ola and Lyft are not only challenging taxi drivers around the world, they are also disrupting the car industry as a whole as people prefer to hail a ride than buy their own set of wheels. The Disrupters is an original series exploring how major industries—from music and cars to …

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