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Tag: Spiders

Science Magazine: Even without ears, jumping spiders can hear you

You’d probably never notice a jumping spider across your living room, but it would surely notice you. The arachnids are known for their brilliant eyesight, and a new study shows they have even greater sensory prowess than we thought: Jumping spiders can hear sounds even though they don’t have ears—or even eardrums.  

BBC: Life Story | Spider Dances For His Life

What can a spider do to impress a female when faced with mating or being killed? Taken from Life Story.  

Cornell University: Linda Rayor: A Romance with Spiders

Spiders are the dominant terrestrial predators on earth, and their biology and behavior are fascinating. Cornell’s spider expert, Dr. Linda Rayor, explains how these little cannibals work out conflicts between the sexes, what happens when spiders live together in groups, which animals find them tasty, and interesting details about the most poisonous spider in the …

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BBC Earth: Kung Fu Mantis Vs Jumping Spider

When attacked an orchid Mantis is capable of it’s own self defence in the form of Kung Fu. Taken from Life Story.