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Tag: Space Shuttle program

TV | Bret Copeland: How to Land the Space Shuttle… from Space

Let’s say you’re traveling at about 17,500 miles per hour (28,000 km/h) in low earth orbit, your main engines are out of fuel, and it’s your job to guide the spaceship through a fiery re-entry without burning up or skipping out of the atmosphere, navigate to your landing site, and arrive with just enough energy …

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NASA: Space Shuttle program | The Last Roll-Out

This is the last roll-out of the space shuttle program as beautifully displayed in the below time-lapse. The space shuttle program was NASAs manned launch vehicle for several decades, first launched in 1981 and remained active until 2011. Three Decades With perhaps two events that stands out in particular, the sad losses of space-shuttle Challenger …

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