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Tag: Solar Cells

TED-Ed: How We Turn Solar Energy Into Electricity

Solar panels are becoming cheaper and more efficient. So how exactly do they work?  

Lund University: Solar cells help purify water in developing countries

Researchers at Lund University in Sweden have developed a water purification plant that provides clean water far beyond the reach of the electrical grid – thanks to solar cells. With the help of Nobel Peace Prize recipient Muhammad Yunus, these small and portable solar cell stations have now been placed across rural Bangladesh.  

Harvard University: Daniel Nocera: Energy for 1 X 6 Billion

The capture and storage of solar energy at the individual level – personalized solar energy – drives inextricably towards the heart of this energy challenge by addressing the triumvirate of secure, carbon neutral and plentiful energy. Because energy use scales with wealth, point-of-use solar energy will put individuals, in the smallest village in the non-legacy …

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Massachusetts Institute of Technology: Using solar power to purify water

For nearly two years now, members of the remote Mexican village of La Mancalona, have operated and maintained a solar-powered water purification system engineered by researchers at MIT.  

Stellenbosch University: Helio100: breakthrough for modular concentrating solar power

The feasibility of concentrating solar power (CSP) as a realistic, cost-effective and clean alternative to fossil fuels, is set to be given a major boost with the launch of a pilot CSP facility at Stellenbosch University (SU) demonstrating a new solar collector system. Situated at Mariendahl, an experimental farm of SU, the Helio100 pilot facility …

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MIT: Recycling old batteries into solar cells

A system proposed by researchers at MIT would recycle materials from discarded car batteries — a potential source of lead pollution — into new, long-lasting solar panels that provide emissions-free power. Features image credit: Georg Slickers.