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Tag: Smart Materials

The Watercooler: Bill Nye Explains Super Materials with Emoji

  Bill Nye the Science Guy is back to explain super materials using a language everyone can understand — emoji. It’s super emojified!    

NASA: Technology May Help Protect Wildland Firefighters

NASA has put research into this flexible, high-temperature space material that may also some day improve the safety for firefighters and to improve fire shelter systems.  

UWM: Concrete that’s built to last

Engineering postdoctoral researcher Marina Kozhukhova and doctoral student Scott Muzenski demonstrate the abilities of a superhydrophobic, malleable and “smart” concrete composite developed in the lab of UWM associate professor Konstantin Sobolev (in the striped shirt). The high-performance paving material has a service life of 120 years. University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.  

Mark Miodownik: Strange Materials

Published on Mar 6, 2013 Materials are a defining characteristic of society. The ages of civilization are named after materials and the development of new materials do more than simple transform technology: they change behaviour and shape the urban landscape, from our cities and our hospitals, to our homes and our art. The Royal Institution …

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Catarina Mota: Play with smart materials

FILMED JUL 2012 • POSTED MAR 2013 • TEDGlobal 2012 TED presents Catarina Mota who talks about new smart materials, such as ink that conducts electricity; a window that turns from clear to opaque at the flip of a switch; a jelly that makes music. All this stuff exist’s. Mota leads us on a tour …

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Doris Kim Sung: Metal that breathes

TED presents Doris Kim Sung, talking about future smart building materials. How modern buildings with floor-to-ceiling windows give spectacular views, but they require a lot of energy to cool. Doris Kim Sung works with thermo-bimetals, smart materials that act more like human skin, dynamically and responsively, and can shade a room from sun and self-ventilate.