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Tag: Secularism

Columbia University: Religion and the State in Islam: From Medieval Caliphate to the Muslim Brotherhood

A lecture with Columbia University Professor, Richard Bulliet. Sponsored by the Center for Middle East Studies and the Religious Studies Department at the University of Denver. Professor Bulliet is a Professor of History at Columbia and author of numerous books on the Middle East and Islam, including “Islam: The View from the Edge” (1993) and …

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TED: How I Stopped the Taliban from Shutting Down My School | Sakena Yacoobi

When the Taliban closed all the girls’ schools in Afghanistan, Sakena Yacoobi set up new schools, in secret, educating thousands of women and men. In this fierce, funny talk, she tells the jaw-dropping story of two times when she was threatened to stop teaching — and shares her vision for rebuilding her beloved country.  

Discussion: Can Morality Exist Without God?

Author Christopher Hitchens debates the Reverend Al Sharpton on the question of whether morality can exist in the absence of God. A Debate: God Is Not Great with Al Sharpton and Christopher Hitchens. Taking on possibly the greatest issue of our time – the malignant force of religion in the world – Christopher Hitchens makes …

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