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Tag: Sea Life

BBC Earth: Great White Shark Attack And Breach

This some epic footage of one of Earth’s most feared predators, the Great White Shark. Cape Fur Seals leave their colony to go fishing each and every evening, but to reach the open sea they must cross a narrow strip of Water which is patrolled by the largest Predatory Fish on the Planet. From the …

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Harvard University: Keith Ellenbogen | Ocean Photography

Keith Ellenbogen is an award-winning underwater photographer with a focus on environmental conservation. Ellenbogen showcases his beautiful and compelling ocean-based wildlife images in this talk at the Harvard University, including his recent exploratory work using high-speed photography and 360-degree immersive camera systems.  

Brent Hoff: Born Like Stars

A video of a squid laying her eggs, looking stunningly celestial in the darkness in the dark ocean depths. Filmed in the depths of the Monterey Bay, of the Gonatus Squid. Created by Brent Hoff and Encyclopedia Pictura.  

GoPro: 1 Million Fish

William Mitchell takes an enchanting dive into an infinite sea of Silversides in Grand Cayman.  

Quartz : Scientists just captured stunning images of deep sea creatures off the coast of Puerto Rico

Some are so new to us, they don’t even have names.  

Oceanlab, University of Aberdeen: Life in the Mariana Trench

A compilation of video footage captured from the University of Aberdeen’s Hadal-Lander in the Mariana Trench from 5000m to 10,545 m deep. The large fish inhabit the shallower depth (5000 to 6500m) are rat-tails, cusk eels and eel pouts. At the mid depths (6500 to 8000m) are the supergiant amphipods and the small pink snailfish. …

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Rafa Herrero Massieu: SANTA MARÍA

Rafa Herrero Massieu filmed this beautiful short film on and around the island of Santa María. He describes; Santa María a small island where sea is breathed and time stopped. An archipelago in the middle of the North Atlantic, under the shadow of Azores anticyclone, crossroads of illustrious overseas travelers. An indigo ocean that gives …

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