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Tag: Science Fiction Movies

Tested: Replicating ‘The Martian’ Spacesuit, Part 1: Building Reference

Adam Savage has been granted unprecedented access to one of his favorite movie costumes: the spacesuit from The Martian. Over the course of this year, Adam aims to replicate the spacesuit, keeping as close to the original as possible. The first step is to study and document the prop, creating reference through photos, sketches, patterning, …

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Robert Jones: A Look Back At The Future In Film

The future in science fiction isn’t always accurate, far from it. But really, these futures are reflections of their time. Imaginations based on what was seen around them at the time of imagination. This video by Robert Jones features a long list of science fiction. Check it out, above or below. Featuring “Back in Time” …

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Tested: Adam Savage, Astronaut Chris Hadfield, and Andy Weir Talk ‘The Martian’

Recently, Tested hosted a screening of ‘The Martian’, the new film based on the acclaimed book by Andy Weir. After the screening, Andy and astronaut Chris Hadfield joined Adam Savage on stage to discuss the movie, space technology, and NASA’s real mission to Mars.  

Vintage Science Fiction: Philip K. Dick interview 1976

1976 interview with author Philip K. Dick Philip Kindred Dick (December 16, 1928 – March 2, 1982) was an American novelist, short story writer, essayist, and philosopher whose published works mainly belong to the genre of science fiction. In addition to 44 published novels, Dick wrote approximately 121 short stories, most of which appeared in …

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Universal Pictures: The Future Is Now! – 10/21/15 – A Special Message From Doc Brown

10/21/15! The Future is NOW! Doc Brown has a special message just for you.  

MIT: The Science Behind Interstellar

A special panel discussion of Hollywood’s blockbuster film Interstellar featuring researchers from MIT and Harvard. Event hosted on November 14th, 2014 by MIT Sloan’s Astronautics and Space Industry Club (ASIC) and The MIT Sloan Entertainment, Media & Sports clubs. Panelists: – Zach Berta-Thompson: Torres Fellow for Exoplanetary Research at The MIT Kavli Institute for Astrophysics …

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BBC: Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey – In Discussion

A panel discussion on the history of Stanley Kubrick’s film, 2001 A Space Odyssey. Featuring Dr. Brian Cox, with actors Keir Dullea and Gary Lockwood. To mark the UK re-release of Stanley Kubrick’s iconic 2001: A Space Odyssey, on 30 November 2014 BBC Arts broadcast a 90-minute live discussion from the BFI exploring its influence …

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WIRED: NASA Scientists Fact-Check “The Martian”

How accurate is the new space film “The Martian”? We had NASA scientists break down the science behind the movie to find out if Matt Damon’s portrayal of a stranded astronaut on Mars is realistic or out of this world.  

NASA: Comic-Con: Journey to Mars and The Martian

For the second year in a row, NASA participated in Comic-Con International in San Diego. NASA experts took part in two panel discussions during the conference on Thursday, July 9. NASA’s participation continues the agency’s efforts to engage and inspire the next generation of American innovators and explorers in our #JourneyToMars.  

AsapSCIENCE: Could You Transfer Your Consciousness To Another Body?

Consciousness is the quality or state of awareness, or, of being aware of an external object or something within oneself. Since our consciousness exists in a series of brain cells, is it therefore possible to transfer this physical biological “data” to a machine, or another body ? AsapSCIENCE aims to answer. The science fiction movie …

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Jacob T. Swinney: Hearing Jurassic Park

Jacob T. Swinney has put together this short with the sound of dinosaurs. As the Jurassic Park sound designer, Gary Rydstrom, gave life to dinosaurs back in in 1993. Swinney writes; using a vast combination of source sounds that ranged from lions to dolphins, Rydstrom was able to give a voice to creatures that have …

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Tested: The Talking Room | Adam Savage Interviews ‘The Martian’ Author Andy Weir

Adam Savage welcomes author Andy Weir to The Talking Room! Andy wrote ‘The Martian’, the story of an astronaut stranded on Mars–it’s a book we can’t recommend enough. Adam and Andy talk about the research that went into writing the book, the portrayal of astronauts in fiction, and the upcoming film adaptation!  

ILMVisualFX: Lucasfilm Creating Star Wars and Jurassic Park Virtual Reality Experience

Industrial Light & Magic (ILM) and parent company Lucasfilm, Ltd. announce the formation of ILM Experience Lab (ILMxLAB), a new division that will draw upon the talents of Lucasfilm, ILM and Skywalker Sound. ILMxLAB combines compelling storytelling, technological innovation and world-class production to create immersive entertainment experiences. For several years, the company has been investing …

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Reserve Channel: Leonard Nimoy & Pharrell Williams: Star Trek & Creating Spock

Leonard Nimoy, AKA Spock from Star Trek, and Pharrell discuss the creation of the Spock character, how the Vulcan salute came to be, and the controversy behind some of Nimoy’s photography projects. He also clarifies that his memoir, “I Am Not Spock”, was not meant to be negative and fills us in on the advice …

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Official William Shatner Page: Leonard Nimoy on Shatner’s Raw Nerve

Bill talks about interviewing his friend Leonard Nimoy for his new talk show. Nimoy will be a guest on Shatner’s Raw Nerve on Tuesday January 6, 2009. Leonard Nimoy, perhaps more famous as Spock from Stars Trek, died this Friday morning at his home in Bel Air, Los Angeles. He was 83 years old.  

Discovery Channel: The Science Of Interstellar

Interstellar Featurette “The Science Of Interstellar / Building A Black Hole” (2014) Matthew McConaughey Sci-Fi Movie HD. Click here for a bonus clip with Neil degrasse Tyson.