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Tag: Robotic Prosthesis

Wired: What happens as we meld with ever more capable machines?

Earlier this year, scientists at the Imperial College London announced smart sensor technology that allows a robot arm to be controlled via signals from nerves in the spinal cord. We, humans, are interacting with robotics to an ever greater extent. Wired explores this robotic augmentation and asks what happens as we meld with ever more …

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DEKA’s LUKE Prosthetic Arm to the Market

The FDA has approved the DEKA Arm System, a mind-controlled prosthetic funded by DARPA and developed by a company founded by Segway inventor Dean Kamen. Rock, paper, scissors will never be the same again. And now Mobius Bionics LLC announce the commercial introduction of the LUKE arm. Its creators nicknamed it the “Luke Arm,” after …

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JHU Applied Physics Laboratory: APL’s Modular Prosthetic Limb Reaches New Levels of Operability

A pioneering surgical technique has allowed Johnny Matheny, an amputee, to attach the Modular Prosthetic Limb developed by APL directly to his residual limb, enabling a greater range of motion and comfort than previously possible.

Core77 Design Awards | Umeå University: IKO Creative Prosthetic System

Carlos Arturo Torres Tovar at Umeå University in Sweden, has designed this prosthetic arm compatible with Lego.  

Science Magazine: Moving robotic limbs with the power of imagination

By tapping into the planning part of the brain, complicated imagined movement can be converted into real movement using a robotic arm.  

Exiii: Open-Source Cyborg Hand | HACKberry User Test

Tokyo startup Exiii is trying to dramatically cut the cost of fake but functional hands. We think their prototypes looks quite impressive, don’t you agree?