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Tag: Research

American Museum of Natural History: SciCafe | Mollusks to Medicine

When you think of venomous animals, you imagine snakes, spiders, or scorpions – not snails. In this SciCafe, Mandë Holford, a research associate at the Museum and Associate Professor of chemical biology at Hunter College, discusses her research on predatory marine snails, the toxins they produce, and how those toxins are being used in the …

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NASA International Space Station Research and Technology Briefing

During panel discussions from NASA’s Kennedy Space center in Florida, scientists and researchers discussed the onboard science and research studies being carried to space aboard the SpaceX Dragon cargo spacecraft which include the Cloud-Aerosol Transport System (CATS) and supplies for research on the risks of in-flight infections in astronauts, as well as research on degenerative …

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University of California: Science at the Theater | Eight Big Ideas

Presenters include: Rebecca Abergel: A pill to treat people exposed to radioactive materials Sylvain Costes: Tracking and hacking personal DNA damage Andrew Westphal: Comet and interplanetary space dust Ronnen Levinson: Cool roofs through time and space Shashi Buluswar: Portable solar vaccine refrigerator Musahid Ahmed: Combustion science for cleaner fuels Katie Antypas: Energy-efficient supercomputing Ben Brown: …

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Peter Thiel and Andy Kessler on the state of technology and innovation

Host Peter Robinson mediates a discussion between PayPal founder and Stanford Professor Peter Thiel and Velocity Capital Management founder and journalist Andy Kessler on the state of technology and innovation in the United States over the past four decades. Thiel argues that, outside of computers, there has been very little innovation in the past forty …

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Symposium: The Research University and U.S. Economic Growth – Is A New Model Emerging?

Published on Apr 15, 2014 When America’s research universities collaborate with their communities to accelerate innovation from the lab to the marketplace, they create jobs and ignite regional growth. Does the success of Pittsburgh and its universities suggest a way forward for other U.S. regions? Carnegie Mellon University — which creates more companies per federal …

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