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Tag: Recession

Niall Ferguson: The Descent of Money

Professor Niall Ferguson lecture at New College of the Humanities on The Descent of Money. NCH is an independent university-level college based in central London.  

Discussion at LSE: The Next Financial Crisis

Recorded on 28 January 2014 in Old Theatre, Old Building. Speakers: Professor Julia Black, Dr Jon Danielsson, Professor Charles Goodhart Chair: Dr Malcolm Knight The official response to the current economic crisis may create longterm stability or, in actual fact, lay the seeds for the next. The panel of experts will debate what is the …

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Discussion: 2008 Revisited – The Economics of the Crisis

This is the first of six videos from the program, Five Years Later: A Financial Crisis Symposium, presented by The Paulson Institute and the University of Chicago Institute of Politics.

Discussion: Future of the Global Economy: Optimism or Pessimism?

Fora TV presents a discussion and debate on the topic of the economic development in the world. With leading journalists and academics debating whether we should view the future of the global economy through the lens of optimism or pessimism. In an argument in support of an optimistic global outlook, Dr. Parag Khanna of the Hybrid Reality …

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Discussion: Economic Crisis II

By FORA TV: Since the ‘financial crisis’ of 2007-08, the future sovereign debt crisis in the European Union, and numerous financial scandals over the past two years – such as the mis-representation of Libor by banks such as Barclays, and major trading losses by J.P. Morgan’s London trading desk – significant questions of confidence have …

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Discussion: Economic Crisis I

Yale hosted a panel discussion with Yale Faculty on Understanding the Financial Crisis: The Stimulus, Bailouts and Other Solutions. Panelists included John Geanakoplos (James Tobin Professor of Economics), Jonathan Macey (Deputy Dean of the Yale Law School), William Nordhaus (Sterling Professor of Economics) and Robert Shiller (Arthur M. Okun Professor of Economics). The discussion was …

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