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Tag: Radio Telescope

Science Magazine: The world’s largest telescope is about to come online

In a stunning landscape of jagged limestone hills in southwestern China, engineers are putting the finishing touches on a grand astronomy facility: a half-kilometer-wide dish nestled in a natural depression that will gather radio signals from the cosmos. The world’s largest radio telescope will catalog pulsars; probe gravitational waves, dark matter, and fast radio bursts; …

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TomoNews: China’s gigantic 1.2 billion yuan radio telescope now ready to listen for aliens

China has officially completed its 1.2 billion yuan radio telescope, which could be the world’s largest for next one to two decades. The cost of its production is equal to roughly US$180 million. The 500-meter Aperture Spherical Telescope is located in a natural basin in Pingtang county of Guizhou province. The telescope’s reflector is made …

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