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Tag: Prosthesis

CSIRO: Cancer patient receives 3D printed ribs manufactured by Anatomics

A Spanish cancer patient has received a titanium sternum and rib cage designed and manufactured by Melbourne-based medical device company Anatomics and printed utilising our 3D printing facility, Lab 22. Suffering from a chest wall sarcoma (a type of cancerous tumour that grows, in this instance, around the rib cage), the 54 year old man …

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Core77 Design Awards | Umeå University: IKO Creative Prosthetic System

Carlos Arturo Torres Tovar at Umeå University in Sweden, has designed this prosthetic arm compatible with Lego.  

Science Magazine: Moving robotic limbs with the power of imagination

By tapping into the planning part of the brain, complicated imagined movement can be converted into real movement using a robotic arm.  

Duke Medicine: Retinal prosthesis at Duke Eye Center making a blind man see again

Larry Hester, 66, has been blind for half his life from a condition called retinitis pigmentosa. In September, 2014, an electronic stimulator was surgically implanted in his left eye. On October 1st, 2014 Duke eye surgeon Dr. Paul Hahn turned it on for the first time. While the device does not restore vision in the …

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