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Tag: Prehistoric Europe

Harvard University: The Genetic History of Ice Age Europe

David Reich describes the three biggest discoveries about European pre-history that were revealed through genome-wide analyses of 51 ice-age-era humans.  

London Natural History Museum: The oldest human footprints in Europe

In May 2013 a storm exposed mysterious hollows on the beach at Happisburgh in Norfolk. Follow the progress of the research team as they realise they have found human footprints that are around 900,000 years old.  

University of Birmingham: New digital map reveals stunning hidden archaeology of Stonehenge

A host of previously unknown archaeological monuments have been discovered around Stonehenge as part of an unprecedented digital mapping project that will transform our knowledge of this iconic landscape – including remarkable new findings on the world’s largest ‘super henge’, Durrington Walls. The Stonehenge Hidden Landscapes Project, led by the University of Birmingham in conjunction …

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Science Bulletins: Early Migration for Modern Humans

When did modern humans make their first appearance in Europe? A jawbone excavated in England and two molars found in southern Italy suggest that modern humans migrated northward thousands of years earlier than previously thought. These fossils were discovered and interpreted decades ago but recent analysis pushed back the age of the jawbone, while positively …

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