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Tag: Polar Bears

Smithsonian Channel: Incredibly Cute Polar Bear Cubs See the World for First Time

After a long winter in their den, a polar bear mother and her cubs emerge at the first signs of spring. It’s a magical moment when the youngins experience the world for the first time–and photographers are there to capture it.  

David de Meulles: Polar bear petting dog

David De Meulles captured this tender moment on his phone, although unknowable of what would happen – it perhaps turned out better than expected for the dog. Alexandra Klasinski shared the clip on twitter of this giant polar bear pet a dog on its head in Churchill, Manitoba.  

BBC: How To Play Like a Polar Bears!

Professor T.W. Rhys Davids (1843-1922) made himself into an expert on Pali Buddhism. He founded the Pali Text Society, the Buddhist Society, and initiated the campaign for a School of Oriental and African Studies. I concentrate on 1887 to 1906, the years in which he was employed as Secretary of the Royal Asiatic Society, and …

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BBC: The Hunt | Hungry polar bear surprises a seal

As the sea ice begins to break up in Summer, a polar bear ingeniously uses the drift ice to sneak up on a seal.  

BBC: Polar Bear: Spy On The Ice

Gripping footage showing an intelligent polar bear carefully stalking a seal in the hope of making it his next meal. Narrated by David Tennant.