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Tag: Penn: Great Riddles in Archaeology

Clark Erickson: Great Riddles in Archaeology – El Dorado in the Americas

Dr. Clark Erickson January 4, 2012 Great Riddles in Archaeology Lecture Series El Dorado in the Americas: A Wild Dream or Actual Fact? Conquistadors, explorers, treasure hunters, and many others have long sought the famed El Dorado or Golden City. Throughout history, elaborate stories and myths have circulated about the existence of such a place …

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Timothy Darvill: Great Riddles in Archaeology – Merlin’s Magic Circles

Stonehenge in central southern England is known the world over as an iconic symbol of Europe’s prehistoric past. In this lecture Professor Timothy Darvill of Bournemouth University, UK, will show that while Stonehenge’s origins as a ceremonial monument were conventional enough its later history was exceptional. Key to the transformation was the arrival of about …

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Brian Rose: Great Riddles in Archaeology – Atlantis: The Lost Continent?

When the Greek philosopher Plato first described an advanced civilization that sank beneath the ocean thousands of years ago, most listeners did not take it seriously. But the story acquired new popularity in the 20th century, and explorers have continually looked for evidence of its existence. Dr. C. Brian Rose, Curator, Mediterranean Section, speaks. Sound …

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Richard Hodges: Great Riddles in Archaeology – King Arthur, Camelot, and the Quest for a Holy Grail

For centuries, the legend of King Arthur, Camelot and the quest for the Holy Grail has captivated the world. Was there really a Holy Grail, and how did it find its way to Britain and the Arthurian legend? Were Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table real historical figures? What does the archaeology of …

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