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Tag: Paris

Stéphane Legrand: Bonjour Paris

Do you like time-lapse photography and Hyperlapse? Do you like Paris? Well, here you are. A beautiful short film by Stéphane Legrand. WI am extremely pleased to show you my second major time lapse movie ‘Bonjour Paris’. I have heard some amazing feedback last year about my first movie ‘Hello Toronto’, so I told myself …

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FREEDOM: A flight over Paris from an eagle’s perspective

A world premiere!! Victor, our white tailed eagle has taken of from the summit of the Eiffel Tower. An amazing point of view! For the first time you will see how Paris looks like from the back of a bird. First gliding over the Trocadero, Victor then plunges at 180 km/h to the ground!  

Trak: Paris, The City of Light

A short film by Trak. Director: Benjamin Trancart (Trak). Music: Yasawas-Amon Tobin Described as: “Paris, City of Light doesn’t mean “the city with a lot of beautiful lights” but, rather, “the city where, during the eighteenth century, the lights of science (with the biologists like Buffon or Jussieu and with the encyclopedy writers like Diderot or d’Alembert) and …

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