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Tag: Nature: Paleontology

Scott V. Edwards: Birds; Evolution and Innovation in a Changing World

In this talk Scott V. Edwards who is a professor of Organismic and Evolutionary Biology at Harvard University will celebrate the remarkable 100 million year history of birds and describe the imprint of ancient innovations, such as feathers and flights, on many aspects of avian biology, right down to their DNA. He will then describe …

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Michael Archer: How we’ll resurrect the gastric brooding frog, the Tasmanian tiger

FILMED MAR 2013 • POSTED JUN 2013 • TEDxDeExtinction TED presents paleontologist Micheal Archer who talks about resurrecting existent animals.  Archer makes a case to bring back the gastric brooding frog and the thylacine, commonly known as the Tasmanian tiger.  

Hendrik Poinar: Bring back the woolly mammoth!

FILMED MAR 2013 • POSTED MAY 2013 • TEDxDeExtinction TED presents Hendrik Poinar who who gives an informative talk on the next big thing: The quest to engineer a creature that looks very much like our furry friend, the woolly mammoth. The first step, to sequence the woolly genome, is nearly complete. And it’s huge. …

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