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Tag: New York

Jansoli: Colors of New York

A fantastic time-lapse short filmed in and about New York, by Jansoli.   Colors of New York When I was in New York for producing timelapse in a cold winter time, I encountered streets bustling with nightlife, non-stopping lights and subways, ferries, stream of people etc. The gigantic city, to me, was a big melting …

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ESA: Earth from Space: New York City

Earth from Space is presented by Kelsea Brennan-Wessels from the ESA Web-TV virtual studios. The one hundred fifty-first edition features a satellite image of New York City in the United States.  

Max Seigal: Around the World in Two Minutes

Max Seigal and Seagull Aerial has filmed this stunning short film using drones, filming at beautiful locations all around the world. Seigal writes; Video shot with th Phantom 2 and GoPro Hero 4 and the Inspire 1, by DJI — most shots from the Expedition Series kit assembled by DSLRPros. Locations include Mt. Fuji, Japan, …

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Mindrelic: Manhattan in motion

Vimeo member “Mindrelic” spent a little over a month hotel hopping in Manhattan (March 12th to April 29th) shooting time lapse. These clips were pulled from over an hours worth of footage.  

Cameron Michael: The Manhattan Project 4K

This short film time lapse filmed by Cameron Michael in Manhattan, New York, is a real treat for the eyes. Cameron Michael describes; this time-lapse production has been a wild and exhilarating ride, with a lot of physical work lugging my 120-130 pounds of gear around all of Manhattan. I bent (broke) some laws and …

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Eric Sanderson pictures New York — before the City

Eric Sanderson shares at TED how he made a 3D map of Manhattans fascinating pre-city ecology of hills, rivers, wildlife — accurate down to the block — when Times Square was a wetland.

The Sandpit

The Sandpit by Sam O’Hare is a tilt-shift short film about a day in the life of New York City, in miniature. This short film has been awarded as winner of Prix Ars Electronica Award of Distinction 2010 and nominee for Webby Awards 2011, as best viral, best Music. It is a spectacularly beautiful film …

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