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Tag: Migration

Intelligence^2: Debate | “Europe should shut the door on immigration”

The Intelligence Squared Greece, BBC World News and Onassis Cultural Centre debate on the motion: “Europe should shut the door on immigration” For the motion: Douglas Murray Makis Voridis Against the motion: Bernard Kouchner Antigone Lyberaki Moderator: Nik Gowing  

Christopher Caldwell: Can Europe be the same with different people in it?

Speaker: Christopher Caldwell Chair: Maurice Fraser This event was recorded on 5 May 2009 in Hong Kong Theatre, Clement House After a half-century of mass immigration, has Europe overestimated the need for immigrant labour and underestimated the culture shaping potential of religion? Christopher Caldwell is a senior editor at the Weekly Standard, and a regular …

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Japan’s Declining Population: Clearly a Problem, But What’s the Solution?

Four experts discuss Japan’s declining population at the Woodrow Wilson International Center. A problem that is was multidimensional: Japanese men continue to face the pressures of long hours at work, and are increasingly reluctant to marry; women are choosing to marry later, have less children, or not marry at all; the government has rejected immigration …

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