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Tag: Microbes

Science Magazine: Hunting microbe wields a “gatling gun” harpoon

Biologists sometimes use the phrase “arms race” to describe an evolutionary tug-of-war, but it’s rarely this literal. Microbes called dinoflagellates (above) have developed intricate weapons—including a microscopic version of a Gatling gun—to harpoon their dinners, a new study shows. Single-celled organisms have intricate microscopic weapons evolved for capturing prey.  

American Museum of Natural History: SciCafe: Microbes in the House

Americans spend an estimated 92% of their time indoors, yet we know little about the diversity of microbes that exist in the built environment. This collection of microbes is influenced by where we live, whom we live with, and what we do, but it also can have an effect on us and our health. In …

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Berkeley Lab: Javier Ceja-Navarro | Do Insects Contain the Secrets to Sustainable Food and Energy Production?

Berkeley Lab scientist Javier Ceja-Navarro discusses his research on the microbial populations found the guts of insects, specifically the coffee berry borer, which may lead to better pest management and the passalid beetle, which could lead to improved biofuel production.  

TED: Rob Knight | How our microbes make us who we are

Rob Knight is a pioneer in studying human microbes, the community of tiny single-cell organisms living inside our bodies that have a huge — and largely unexplored — role in our health. “The three pounds of microbes that you carry around with you might be more important than every single gene you carry around in …

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Conan MacDougall: Antibiotic Use and Co-Existence with the Microbial World

Antibiotics are considered a miracle of modern medicine — our “magic bullets” that kill harmful microorganisms and spare our bodies in the war against infection. Conan MacDougall explains that the story is much more complex. Most of the bugs that would do us harm usually co-exist with us on our skin, in our gut — …

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Jessica Green: We’re covered in germs! How to make them happy

FILMED FEB 2013 • POSTED MAR 2013 • TED2013 In this TED talk Jessica Green asks: Can we design buildings that encourage happy, healthy microbial environments? Our bodies and homes are covered in microbes, some good for us and some bad for us. [KGVID width=”720″ height=”400″]http://www.ourprg.com/Video/JessicaGreen_2013U-480p.mp4[/KGVID]

Jonathan Eisen: Meet your microbes

TED presents Jonathan Eisen talking about symbiotic microbes. Our bodies are covered in a sea of microbes — both the pathogens that make us sick and the “good” microbes, about which we know less, that might be keeping us healthy. At TEDMED, microbiologist Jonathan Eisen shares what we know, including some surprising ways to put …

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