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Tag: Meteors

Meteor Over Bangkok Thailand

For the second time this year a meateor burned up over Thailand and made the night sky bright green over some parts of the country.  

Royal Observatory Greenwich: Space Rocks

Want a stop motion explainer on asteroids, comets, meteors, and meteorites? Well, here you are. There are lots of names associated with space rocks, so what is the difference? Join the Royal Observatory Greenwich astronomers to find out. They will also explore what space rocks can tell us about our very own planet Earth.  

NASA: Mars Weathercam Helps Find Big, New Crater

Scientists using NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter found a fresh meteor-impact crater, and by golly it’s big. It’s the largest ever located anywhere by using before-and-after pictures. Using the initial pictures, scientists could nail down the time of impact to just 24 hours between March 27-28, 2012. Using the higher resolution cameras on MRO, scientists spotted …

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NASA: What’s Up for January 2014

Jupiter at opposition. Venus at conjunction. A Juno mission update. And the Quadrantid meteor shower. Juno is a NASA New Frontiers mission to the planet Jupiter.

NASA EDGE: Planetary Defense

NASA EDGE and Special Guest Geoff Notkin speak with NASA scientists and experts from around the world at the 2013 Planetary Defense Conference about Near Earth Objects and their potential threat to Earth.