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Tag: Mecha

The MegaBot Mk.III Heavy Lift Arms and Leg Day

In the MegaBot web-tv series we get to follow MegaBots Inc. building an enormous robot, the Mark 3. The team is now testing the legs and arms of the Mk.II. When completed, it will have a total of 430 horsepowers, be five meters high (15 feet), weigh 5 metric tons (12,000lb) and – among other …

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Hankook Mirae Technology’s ‘Method-2’ Robot is a Giant Mecha

The world’s first giant, manned robot “Method-2” took some of its first steps in the Gunpo studio of Hankook Mirae Technology recently. The Mech (‘Mecha‘) was designed by Vitaly Bulgarov, a veteran of science fiction blockbusters, having previously worked on film series such as Transformers, Robocop and Terminator. The 3,9m (13ft), 1.5 ton Method-2 robot …

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