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Tag: Mammoths

TED: What you need to know about CRISPR | Ellen Jorgensen

Should we bring back the wooly mammoth? Or edit a human embryo? Or wipe out an entire species that we consider harmful? The genome-editing technology CRISPR has made extraordinary questions like these legitimate — but how does it work? Scientist and community lab advocate Ellen Jorgensen is on a mission to explain the myths and …

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The Verge: This frozen woolly mammoth changes human history

The frozen remains of a young male woolly mammoth discovered in Russia shows signs that it died from an attack from human hunters. The timing of that attack has researchers excited.  

University of Michigan: Mammoth Excavation Near Chelsea, Michigan

An ancient mammoth unearthed in a farmer’s field southwest of Ann Arbor this week may provide clues about the lives of early humans in the region.  

Motherboard: The Mission to Resurrect the Woolly Mammoth

Right now, in the 21st century, South Korean scientists are actually working to resurrect the prehistoric woolly mammoth using cloning technology and the flesh of perfectly preserved specimen once buried in Northern Siberia. The hope is that if they can find an active cell from the meaty leg of a 40,000 year old frozen mammoth, …

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National Geographic: Mammoth Tusk Treasure Hunt

Siberian hunters once relied on mammoths for their meat. Now, their tusks are the prize. These relics—exposed by climate change, and hunters’ increasing efforts to dig them up—can fetch tens of thousands of dollars, inspiring a bustling trade.      

London Natural History Museum: Identification of the world’s smallest mini mammoth

Throughout evolution when big animals lived on islands they tended to become smaller. Fossil elephant researcher, Victoria Herridge explains how, by following in the footsteps of a pioneering fossil collector, Museum scientists have identified the smallest mammoth ever known. Just over a metre high, the mini mammoth once roamed on the island of Crete. The …

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Hendrik Poinar: Bring back the woolly mammoth!

FILMED MAR 2013 • POSTED MAY 2013 • TEDxDeExtinction TED presents Hendrik Poinar who who gives an informative talk on the next big thing: The quest to engineer a creature that looks very much like our furry friend, the woolly mammoth. The first step, to sequence the woolly genome, is nearly complete. And it’s huge. …

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