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‘Rush’ is a Cool Cityscape Short

‘Rush’ by Vimeo user Awhelin is a cityscape and traffic timelapse shot in Seoul, London, Taipei, Mumbai, Kolkata, Jaipur and Bangkok. This is some fantastic footage.

Museum of London: Great Fire 1666 in Minecraft

To mark the 350th anniversary of the Great Fire of London in 1666, the Museum of London has created Great Fire 1666, an exciting virtual experience using Minecraft. Great Fire 1666 will be made up of three Minecraft maps which will offer a unique and immersive perspective on the Great Fire of London. The first …

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Gresham College: The Five Catastrophes That Made London – Professor Dr Simon Thurley

London is perhaps the most dynamic old world city on the planet – renewal has been at the heart of its success. Disaster has never been courted, but when it has come it has provided the platform for advances that have been at first sight architectural but with hindsight economic and social.

Museum of London: World War One Zeppelin raids on London

The First World War was not confined to formal battlefields. Bombing raids meant that Londoners faced death and destruction on their own doorsteps. The first zeppelin raid on London during World War I took place on 31 May 1915. Raids would continue on the capital until 1917. Interviewees recall taking cover as a zeppelin appears …

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Transport for London: The New Tube for London

The New Tube will be introduced first on the Piccadilly line, followed by the Bakerloo, Central and Waterloo & City lines. Its innovative design will also allow for air-cooling for the first time on deep-level sections of the Tube. The train – designs for which are part of a new public exhibition at King’s Cross …

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Crossrail Project: Meet Crossrail’s giant tunnelling machines

Europe’s biggest construction project Crossrail will use eight tunnel boring machines (TBMs) to construct the new tunnels under London. These huge machines will work 24 hours a day beneath the streets of London, excavating large volumes of ground and erecting the concrete tunnel lining. Each machine has a rotating cutter head at the front, and …

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