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Tag: London Natural History Museum

Natural History Museum: Making a Neanderthal flint stone tool

Watch a flint knapper make a Levallois core and flake, an innovative stone tool developed by the Neanderthals and early Homo sapiens. Find out about human tool-making capabilities and five key features that make us human.  

London Natural History Museum: The oldest human footprints in Europe

In May 2013 a storm exposed mysterious hollows on the beach at Happisburgh in Norfolk. Follow the progress of the research team as they realise they have found human footprints that are around 900,000 years old.  

Natural History Museum: Join a dive to see the largest corals on Earth

Follow the Catlin Seaview Survey team in American Samoa as they dive in search of Big Momma, the world’s largest recorded coral. The dive is part of a scientific project to document the health of reefs worldwide.  

London Natural History Museum: Staghorn survivors: the world’s most successful coral?

Museum palaeontologist Dr Ken Johnson looks at how Britain’s fossil record helps us understand the success of the staghorn coral, Acropora, and how the threats facing it today could mean devastation for reefs worldwide.  

Natural History Museum: Corals | Builders of the reef | Natural History Museum

Enter the extraordinary world of corals, remarkable animals capable of creating vast structures in underwater cities.  

London Natural History Museum: Stress, Neanderthals and us | Natural History Museum

The stresses of daily life, from fending off hyenas to squeezing on the tube, may be more similar than you think for Britons today compared to one million years ago. Many people in Britain today carry about two per cent of Neanderthal genes in their DNA. Maybe it’s thanks to our early relatives that we …

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