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Tag: Lightning

Nicolaus Wegner: Stormscapes 3

Stormscapes 3 is for those that enjoy the visual aspect of our beautifully unique Blue Marble’s fascinating weather, or those wishing to experience elemental nature in some of its most surreal and chaotic forms. Particularly focusing on severe weather located in the northern high plains region (and adjacent ranges) of the USA. This video showcases …

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ESA: Striking lightning from space

Lightning illuminates the area they strike on Earth but their flash can be seen from space too. This timelapse was made from 49 images taken 400 km above Earth in 2012 by an astronaut on the International Space Station travelling at 28 800 km/h. At these distances a camera flash is pointless, but our planet …

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ANHM: Science Bulletins | The Rise of Fire

Wildfires, whether ignited by lightning or people, show global patterns that are visible to satellites. In the United States, fire is increasing: on average, millions more acres burn each year than was typical a few decades ago, and fire season is longer. Prolonged drought in the West, provoked by climate change, is encouraging this rise …

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Craig Shimala: Chicago Derecho Storm Video and Time-lapse Highlights

This is a highlight reel of all the lightning Craig Shimala was able to capture during the evening of June 30th 2014 in Chicago. He writtes; The crazy thing is this the second time I have captured a triple lightning strike on the Willis Tower, Trump Tower and John Hancock Building. This time it was …

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Toronto Lightning Storm

A short-film about a lightning storm over Toronto, Canada.  Filmed by Sam Havanrouh with 347 frames shot on Canon 5D Mark II and Sigma 12-24. 15 seconds exposures at f8, at 17 seconds intervals. Sound was captured separately at the time of shooting this, on a ZOOM H4n. Toronto Lightning Storm from Sam Javanrouh on Vimeo.