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Tag: Life

Quanta Magazine: How Does Life Come From Randomness?

David Kaplan explains how the law of increasing entropy could drive random bits of matter into the stable, orderly structures of life. David Kaplan is a theoretical particle physicist at Johns Hopkins University and a producer of the award-winning documentary Particle Fever.

University of Arizona: Guy J. Consolmagno | What is Life?

Guy J. Consolmagno, SJ, Planetary Scientist, Vatican Observatory Research Group. Throughout history, our definition of ‘life’ reflects our assumptions about how the Universe works – and why we ask the question. The ways different human cultures, ancient and current, have talked about life provide some sense of how we have defined life, and illustrate the …

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Caleb Scharf: The Copernicus Complex | Are We Special in the Cosmos?

Is humanity on Earth special or unexceptional? Extraordinary discoveries in astronomy and biology have revealed a universe filled with endlessly diverse planetary systems, and a picture of life as a phenomenon intimately linked with the most fundamental aspects of physics. But just where these discoveries will lead us is not yet clear. We may need …

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TED Ed: Could comets be the source of life on Earth?

While comets were historically thought to be ill omens of war and famine, recent science has revealed that these celestial wonders actually contain amino acids, the building blocks of life on Earth. Justin Dowd explores the implications of this magnificent discovery.  

NASA Space Experts Discuss the Search for Life in the Universe

NASA space-based observatories are making unprecedented new discoveries and revealing worlds never before seen. During a televised panel discussion of leading science and engineering experts at NASA Headquarters on Monday, July 14, a scientific and technological roadmap to lead to the discovery of potentially habitable worlds among the stars was addressed. The agency’s next step, …

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Denis Noble: What is life?

Lecture in series “What is life? – The future of biology” Denis Noble, Balliol College and Department of Physiology, Anatomy and Genetics, Oxford, UK. Hosted by the University of the Karolinska Institute.  

UCLA: The Spark of Life: Darwin and the Primeval Soup

New research shows that life probably arose on Earth almost four billion years ago, at a time when the planet’s surface was pounded by huge waves and tides, and periodically devastated by volcanic eruptions. In this talk hosted by The University of California, the authors of “Spark of Life”, UCSD’s Jeffrey Bada and Christopher Wills, …

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SETI: Origin of Life in Hydrothermal Vents and Implications for Mars

A discussion with Michael Russel, a citizen scientist, and SETI Institute Scientists Niki Parenteau and Adrian Brown on the origin of life in hydrothermal vents and the implications for life of Mars. Moderated by SETI Institute Scientist, Franck Marchis.

Marshall Brain – Meaning of Life

TEDx presents Marchal Brain taliking about the meaning of life. TEDx is a program of local, self-organized events that bring people together to share a TED-like experience. At a TEDx event, TEDTalks video and live speakers combine to spark deep discussion and connection in a small group.

Neil DeGrasse Tyson: Death by Black Hole and Life on Earth

Astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson argues Earth is not as an ideal environment for the existence of life as most people commonly think. “99 percent of all species that ever lived are now extinct,” says Tyson. “That is not the signature of a planet that is in love with life.” Neil DeGrasse Tyson: Death by Black …

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Sara Walker: The Algorithmic Origins of Life

SETI Talks presents Sara Walker, who is a NASA Astrobiology Institute postdoctor, working at Arizona State University as part of the Astrobiology program and the BEYOND Center for fundamental Concepts in Science. As she herself describe her research; I am also a Research Scientist at the Blue Marble Space Institute of Science. I am fascinated by all …

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Hannah Fry: Is life really that complex?

  TED presents Hannah Fry who in this accessible talk shows how complex social behavior can be analyzed and perhaps predicted through apt analogies to natural phenomena, like the patterns of a leopard’s spots or the distribution of predators and prey in the wild. Hannah Fry trained as a mathematician, and completed her PhD in fluid dynamics …

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