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Tag: Inflation

London School of Economics: Signals and Social Consequences from Shrinkflation to Fighter Jets

Speaker(s): Dr Pippa Malmgren Chair: Professor Michael Cox Recorded on 19 September 2016 at Old Theatre, Old Building Economics would be better served by complementing the backward looking approach inherent in algorithms, models and data with plain English, common sense and forward looking signals. Signals can help us identify trends as they unfold in the …

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Peterson Institute: Launch of the Geneva Report: What Else Can Central Banks Do? | Panel Discussion

As many nations are struggling with a situation similar to what is defined as a “liquidity trap” with low or nonexistent inflation and central banks implementing quantitative easing, very low or even negative interests rates. Is the toolbox of monetary policy empty? What happens if the world slips into another recession? This panel discussion at …

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Zachary Karabell: The Leading Indicators – A Short History of the Numbers That Rule Our World

GDP, unemployment, inflation. Trade, housing and stock market data. These are among the “leading indicators” that purport to define what matters in our economic lives. But these broad, clear-cut markers were developed decades ago, and gray areas have come to permeate the U.S. economy since those days. Nevertheless, these outmoded factoids still drive trillions of …

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