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Hillsdale College: Economics and Immigration

Chair: Ron Mahurin, Council for Christian Colleges & Universities “The American Founders on Immigration” Kevin Portteus, Hillsdale College “The Economic Case for Open Boarders” Shikha Dalmia, Reason Foundation “The Economic Case for Limiting Immigration” Mark Krikorian, Center for Immigration Studies  

Milken Institute: Navigating Europe’s New Volatility

This year, Europe has been shaken out of an unsatisfying stasis by heightened fears of deflation, vigorous central bank action, terrorism in France and political transformation in Greece. The continent’s political economy is getting more complicated, and boundaries are being tested. Many wonder how far the ECB’s quantitative easing program will go and whether it …

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Intelligence^2: Debate | “Europe should shut the door on immigration”

The Intelligence Squared Greece, BBC World News and Onassis Cultural Centre debate on the motion: “Europe should shut the door on immigration” For the motion: Douglas Murray Makis Voridis Against the motion: Bernard Kouchner Antigone Lyberaki Moderator: Nik Gowing  

Harvard: Discussion | Numbers and Politics: Using Economic Research in Immigration Reporting

Giovanni Peri, professor of economics, UC Davis, and research associate, the National Bureau of Economic Research Harry J. Holzer, professor of public policy, Georgetown University, and former chief economist for the U.S. Department of Labor Judith K. Gans, economist and manager of the Immigration Policy Program, Udall Center for Studies in Public Policy, University of …

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Christopher Caldwell: Can Europe be the same with different people in it?

Speaker: Christopher Caldwell Chair: Maurice Fraser This event was recorded on 5 May 2009 in Hong Kong Theatre, Clement House After a half-century of mass immigration, has Europe overestimated the need for immigrant labour and underestimated the culture shaping potential of religion? Christopher Caldwell is a senior editor at the Weekly Standard, and a regular …

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Japan’s Declining Population: Clearly a Problem, But What’s the Solution?

Four experts discuss Japan’s declining population at the Woodrow Wilson International Center. A problem that is was multidimensional: Japanese men continue to face the pressures of long hours at work, and are increasingly reluctant to marry; women are choosing to marry later, have less children, or not marry at all; the government has rejected immigration …

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Paul Collier: Exodus – Immigration and multiculturalism in the 21st century

Speaker(s): Professor Paul Collier Chair: Dr Jonathan Leape Mass international migration is a response to extreme global inequality, and immigration has a profound impact on the way we live. Yet our views – and those of our politicians – remain caught between two extremes: popular hostility to migrants and ‘open doors’ insistence by liberal and …

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