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Tag: Homo Sapiens

Are These the Oldest Modern Human Fossils Ever Found?

A great and surprising discovery has been made in the search for the origin of humankind in the form of the oldest fossil known, much older. The new fossil findings point to that our species Homo sapiens could be significantly older than we knew. The discovery was made in Morocco, where paleoanthropologists have found fossils …

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Nature: The first Americans: Clues to an ancient migration

An archaeological site in California may have opened up a whole new chapter in the history of humans in the Americas. Researchers claim the site shows evidence of humans interacting with the bones of a mastodon, an ice age relative of elephants and mammoths. New dating suggests the site may be 130,000 years old – …

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UCLA: Chris Stringe | The Origin of Us | Fossil Record of Anatomically Modern Humans

This series “The Origin of Us” is hosted by the University of California takes a fresh look at the questions of where we come from with a critical examination of the available evidence from multiple sources. Evidence points strongly to Africa as the major center for the genetic, physical and behavioral origins of both ancient …

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UCLA: Sarah Tishkoff | CARTA | Culture-Gene Interactions

There are individuals who maintain the ability to digest milk into adulthood due to a genetic adaptation in populations that have a history of pastoralism. Sarah Tishkoff from the University of Pennsylvania presents her latest studies of the genetic basis of lactose tolerance in African pastoralist populations. Her team has identified several mutations that arose …

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