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Harvard: Discussion | How Government Policies Affect the Internet Entrepreneur

Susan Crawford, the John A. Reilly Visiting Professor in Intellectual Property at Harvard Law School, joined Stephen Kaufer, the President, CEO and co-founder of TripAdvisor, Inc. in a panel focusing on the role of government in technology and innovation. Archon Fung, the academic dean of the Harvard Kennedy School moderated the discussion surrounding the issues …

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Ruth Murray-Clay: Jupiter & Mars Return

The King of Planets and the God of War dominate the night sky this spring. These two neighboring worlds contrast each other dramatically – one small and rocky, one huge and gaseous. Learn about the differences between gas-giant and terrestrial planets, both in our solar system and beyond. Speaker: Ruth Murray-Clay. The CfA is a …

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Niall Ferguson: The global economic conundrum

At the 2013 Global Empowerment Meeting, Niall Ferguson attempts to make sense of the current economic situation from a historical perspective. Are we re-visiting the 1970s when rich countries stagnated in an economic morass, while natural resource exporters boomed? And what is to come: will our era be followed by a decade like the 1980s, …

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Discussion: Digital Disruption of the News Business

Hosted by Harvard University, the forum Riptide discuss Digital Disruption of the News Business. The discussion opens with a welcome from Alex S. Jones, director of the Shorenstein Center, and an introduction from John Huey, former editor-in-chief of Time Inc. Tim Armstrong, Chairman and CEO of AOL, Caroline Little, president and CEO of the Newspaper …

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Harvard University: Stress and Health

Published on Mar 7, 2013 Harvard University presents a panel discission on the topic of stress. Which sustained over time, can undermine health in serious and sometimes deadly ways. In this Forum event, expert participants examined what we know about the effects of stress on health, including heart disease risk, and about the role social …

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