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Tag: Greenhouse Gases

Harvard University: A focus on earth’s other greenhouse gas problem

Methane doesn’t get top billing in the global climate debate, but it’s a more potent greenhouse gas than headline-grabbing carbon dioxide and the major component of natural gas that heats our homes and generates our electricity. Harvard scientist Steven Wofsy is heading a project to both track escaped methane from our natural gas infrastructure and …

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University of California: Climate Change Politics and the Economy – Rhetoric v. Reality

Melting arctic ice, catastrophic hurricanes, devastating wildfires, and record-breaking drought—scientists agree that the climate is changing, that it’s human caused, and that it will undeniably be one of the most serious problems facing the world’s citizens for generations to come. They acknowledge that technologies to combat climate change do exist. How can we come together …

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Michael Raupach: How humans shape the climate and carbon cycle

  A seminar with Michael Raupach on the 23rd of September 2013. Raupach talks about how to understand our home planet and shape our shared evolution, humanity now has to think across multiple intersecting dimensions (natural, economic, social, cultural). Here Michael Raupach presents and attempts to synthesise perspectives from two of these dimensions. 1. The …

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