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Tag: Greek Mythology

Beasts in the Night Sky: The Constellation Myths of Greece and Rome

In this lecture, Dr. Patrick Glauthier talk about monsters, Aries the Ram, Taurus the Bull, Cetus the Sea-monster – there are no shortage of mythical animals among the constellations of ancient Greece and Rome. Why do such creatures populate the heavens in the first place? And what did they mean to the societies that first …

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Penn Museum: Great Beasts of Legend: Anzu the Lion Headed Eagle

Dr. Steve Tinney, Associate Curator, Babylonian Section, Penn Museum The Penn Museum’s popular monthly evening lecture series kicks off with a fresh theme: Great Beasts of Legends. Throughout history, great beasts and monsters fabled or not have terrorized, enchanted, and eluded humans. Join leading Penn scholars on an exploration of some of the best stories …

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Penn Museum: The Golden Age of King Midas

Midas was indisputably the most famous ruler of the Phrygian kingdom in central Turkey, and his Golden Touch made him an especially favorite subject in Greek legend. His first monumental project as king was a colossal tomb for his father (ca. 740 BCE) that was excavated by the University of Pennsylvania in 1957, and the …

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Ken Dowden: Greek Mythology 3500 BC to AD 2014

Professor Ken Dowden delivers the Birmingham and Midlands Classical Association’s New Year lecture. Where do Greek myths come from? How, and when, are they created? What is the point of them? Why haven’t they passed away like the Ancient Greeks themselves? Are there modern ‘mythologies’ in the same sense as Greek mythology? Lecture hosted by …

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