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Tag: Great Voyages

Steve Tinney: Great Voyages: Gilgamesh – Journeys to the End of the World

Steve Tinney, Associate Professor, Near Eastern Languages & Civilizations, University of Pennsylvania Gilgamesh: Journeys to the End of the World Gilgamesh was a figure of legend in ancient Mesopotamia (modern day Iraq) from as early as 4,500 years ago. The tales of his travels were not only stories of adventure in places no human had …

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Paul Cobb: Great Voyages: Ibn Battuta

Paul Cobb, Professor, Islamic History, University of Pennsylvania presents Traveler’s Tips from the 14th Century: The Detours of Ibn Battuta. In 1325, a Moroccan scholar named Ibn Battuta set out to do a bit of traveling. When he finally returned to his homeland 30 years later, he had visited the equivalent of over 40 modern …

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Gallup-Diaz: Great Voyages: Ferdinand Magellan

Magellan’s circumnavigation was a complex event—a feat of navigation and exploration that also saw hardship, shipwreck, and mutiny visited upon the expedition’s crew. In a process that would become paradigmatic, Europeans found themselves enmeshed in regional and local politics—a causative element in Magellan’s death. Dr. Gallup-Diaz examines the varied and interconnected maritime, cultural, and political …

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Adam Smith: Great Voyages: Zheng He

Dr. Adam Smith, Assistant Curator, Asian Section talks about Zheng He, a Muslim-born eunuch and the most famous of the men that led the spectacular maritime expeditions of the Ming Dynasty, mounted during the early 15th century as an assertion of China’s power and prestige among neighboring peoples of Southeast Asia. Dr. Smith discusses Zheng …

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