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Tag: Gravitational Waves

PBS : The Future of Gravitational Waves | Space Time

Find out how gravitational waves are allowing us to unlock the secrets behind black hole formation and growth. On September 14th, 2015 LIGO announced the first detection of a gravitational wave. This was hailed at the time as the dawn of gravitational wave astronomy. However that’s only true if the we ever detect another gravitational …

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Caltech: The Quest of Gravitational Waves – B. Barish

Learn more about General Relativity at One Hundred: The Sixth Biennial Francis Bacon Conference held at Caltech and The Huntington Library, Art Collections and Botanical Gardens. Produced in association with Caltech Academic Media Technologies.  

TED: Allan Adams | What the discovery of gravitational waves means

More than a billion years ago, two black holes in a distant galaxy locked into a spiral, falling inexorably toward each other, and collided. “All that energy was pumped into the fabric of time and space itself,” says theoretical physicist Allan Adams, “making the universe explode in roiling waves of gravity.” About 25 years ago, …

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Columbia University: Astrophysicists & Neil deGrasse Tyson on LIGO

Neil deGrasse Tyson took the stage together with other astrophysicists at the Columbia University to speak after a historic result was revealed: the first direct detection of gravitational waves.  

Caltech: Ripples in Spacetime: Our New Window On the Universe

On February 23, 2016, Caltech and LIGO scientists held a panel discussion about the recent detection of gravitational waves and what this discovery will mean for our ongoing understanding and exploration of our universe. Speakers included President Thomas Rosenbaum, Fiona Harrison, Kip Thorne, Barry Barish, Mike Landy, Alan Weinstein, Mansi Kasliwal, Anamaria Effler, Rana Adhikari, …

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Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics: Gravitational Waves: What Lies Ahead?

Perimeter Institute Director Neil Turok discusses the future of physics in the new era of gravitational wave astronomy.  

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert: Gravitational Waves Hit The Late Show

Brian Greene stops by to demonstrate an exciting new scientific discovery.  

World Science Festival: What will we learn from the detection of gravitational waves?

The discovery of gravitational waves is a landmark in physics history. It confirms predictions Einstein made over 100 years ago. But what other kinds of answers can this discovery bring? Gabriela González, spokesperson for the LIGO scientific collaboration, gives a brief insight into the implications this achievement has for the future of science.  

Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics: Ripple Effects: A Forum on Gravitational Waves

On Feb. 11, 2016, a panel of researchers from Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics discussed the meaning and implications of LIGO’s landmark announcement regarding the detection of gravitational waves. The panel includes Perimeter Director Neil Turok, along with Faculty members Asimina Arvanitaki, Latham Boyle, and Luis Lehner. Science journalist Kate Lunau moderated the discussion.  

Nature: Gravitational waves: A three minute guide

It’s almost exactly a century since Einstein first predicted the existence of gravitational waves. In this Nature Video we find out what they are, and how scientists are searching for them, in an attempt to prove Einstein right.  

National Science Foundation: LIGO detects gravitational waves

Scientists at Washington’s National Science Foundation and Moscow State University have confirmed the discovery of Albert Einstein’s gravitational waves. The breakthrough, possibly the biggest in physics in a century, could be the key to new understanding of the universe. “Ladies and gentlemen! We have detected gravitational waves, we did it!,” LIGO laboratory executive director David …

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Millennium Mathematics Project: ‘Einstein, Relativity and Gravity Waves’ – Professor David Tong

This talk was originally given to an audience of school students aged 16-17 as part of a mathematics enrichment event at the University of Cambridge. Recorded 27 June 2014. Professor David Tong describes Einstein’s theory of relativity, and examines what it has to do with the recent potential discovery of gravity waves during the Big …

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Massachusetts Institute of Technology: LIGO Detects Gravitational Waves

After a decades-long quest, The MIT-Caltech collaboration LIGO Laboratories has detected gravitational waves, opening a new era in our exploration of the universe.  

Caltech: LIGO: The First Observation of Gravitational Waves

On September 14, 2015, LIGO observed ripples in the fabric of spacetime. This video narrative tells the story of the science behind that important detection.  

Australian National University : ANU scientists play key role in discovery of gravitational waves

A global scientific collaboration, including scientists from across Australia, has proven the existence of gravitational waves for the first time, 100 years after their existence was predicted by Albert Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity. The confirmed observation of a gravitational wave, ripples in space caused by the collision of two black holes, is a major …

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Louisiana State University: Making Waves – Gravitational Waves Detected 100 Years After Einstein’s Prediction

For the first time, scientists have observed ripples in the fabric of space-time called gravitational waves arriving at the earth from a cataclysmic event in the distant universe. This confirms a major prediction of Albert Einstein’s 1915 general theory of relativity and opens an unprecedented new window onto the cosmos. Gabriela González, LSU professor of …

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Max Planck Institute: Detecting Gravitational Waves

GEO600 scientists explain the GEO600 gravitational-wave detector, methods for the direct detection of gravitational waves, and the GEO600 collaboration’s contributions to Advanced LIGO.  

ESA: LISA Pathfinder – Window on the gravitational universe

LISA Pathfinder’s name, Laser Interferometer Space Antenna, clearly indicates the role of precursor that this mission plays. Its goal is to validate the technology required to detect gravitational waves from space. Gravitational waves will open a new door in our understanding of the Universe, and at the same time help to verify Einstein’s General Theory …

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Nature: New data on the Big Bang

Published on Mar 17, 2014 Scientists from the Centre for Astrophysics have found evidence of gravitational waves created mere moments after the dawn of the Universe. These waves were created in a period of rapid expansion called cosmic inflation. This new evidence could prove the definitive confirmation of the inflation theory. It seems that finally, …

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