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Moore’s Law Is Ending – Here’s 7 Technologies That Could Bring It Back To Life | Answers With Joe

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Moore’s Law states that computer processing power will double every 2 years, but we may be reaching a limit to this exponential growth. Thankfully, some new technologies may be turning that around.  

MIT: One of the strongest lightweight materials known

A team of MIT engineers has successfully designed a new 3-D material with five percent the density of steel and ten times the strength, making it one of the strongest lightweight materials known.  

Science Magazine: Carbon-based paper that walks when hit with a laser

Carbon-based paper folds itself up, walks away. Advance could lead to artificial muscles for robots. Researchers around the globe have developed a variety of sheetlike polymers and gels capable of folding in response to changes in temperature, pH, or other stimuli. Now, a team in China reports today in Science Advances that it has designed …

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Nature Video: Graphene Kirigami

Graphene is a one-atom thick ‘supermaterial’ with incredible strength and resilience. Kirigami is the ancient Japanese art of paper cutting. Combined, they could lead to a future of tiny mechanical parts and even mini machines…  

Shou-En Zhu: Getting to grips with graphene

Graphene, a nano-structure, has many different usages. For instance, imagine a world where you would be able to desalinate water with a tool that can fit in your pocket or windows that can produce power because of it’s conductivity and clarity. Imagine all electronic devices fully charged in 10 minutes or electronic devices embedded in …

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Cambridge University: Introducing Graphene

Short film produced by the European Graphene-Flagship initiative, introducing graphene, the ‘wonder substance’ set to revolutionise the electronics industry.