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Tag: Geothermal Energy

Per Byhring: Deep Heat

The deeper you drill, the hotter it gets. This video explains several ways to make use of earth’s inner heat, otherwise known as geothermal energy.

Carol Bruton: Geothermal Energy – Harnessing the Heat Beneath Your Feet

Right below your feet is a source of renewable energy that is largely untapped. It heats groundwater by conduction and convection as it travels toward the surface of the earth. California University and the Lawrence Livermore National Lab presents scientists Carol Bruton and John Ziagos who explains how geothermal energy can be used to generate …

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Siemens: Unlocking the Energy Challenge

Panel discussion on unlocking the energy challenge to confront climate challenge and global warming. Global climate change, a scarcity of resources and the accelerating energy demand from emerging markets such as China or India pose significant challenges to global and local energy supplies. The question as to how supplies can be secured for the future …

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