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Tag: Geopolitics

Harvard Institute of Politics: Robert McNamara Lecture: Science and Diplomacy for Solving Humanity’s Big Issues

United States Secretary of Energy, Ernest Moniz, presented the Robert McNamara Lecture on War and Peace, and spoke regarding “Science and Diplomacy for Solving Humanity’s Big Issues: Iran, HEU, and Climate Change.” He emphasized the strengths of the US-Iran nuclear agreement, including that America maintains extensive surveillance in the area moving forward. Secretary Moniz also …

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Conversations with History: Asia the West and the Logic of One World with Kishore Mahbubani

Conversations with History host Harry Kreisler welcome Professor Kishore Mahbubani for a discussion of his new book, The Great Convergence. Professor Mahbubani analyzes the global forces propelling global society and economy toward one world. He also discusses the failure to develop a structure for global governance. In dissecting this contradiction he explains how existing global …

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